Pre-Arranged Funerals




Making funeral arrangements when someone you love has passed away can be an overwhelming experience. There are many important decisions that need to made, and at the time of death these decisions need to made, in very short period of time. A Funeral Director is here to help you in this time of need, however we are also here should you wish to think ahead.

Pre-arranging and pre-paying funeral services either for yourself or your loved one is a very wise decision. It affords you all the time you need to make these important decisions. Many people are leery and hesitate to think about the inevitable fact that eventually all of us will die, however taking a proactive approach, such as prearranging a funeral, gives people a sense of relief in the knowledge that if something where to happen things will be done the way you'd like them.

Furthermore the peace of mind in knowing that you have made a difficult time for your family easier to deal with is an empowering feeling. Having made some of the tough choices, like burial or cremation, what casket or urn to use and what type of funeral services you would like, allow your family more time to grieve without the burden of these decisions.  There are also the financial benefits of pre-paying your funeral expenses. Such as a tax sheltered investment, the guaranteed costs for funeral home fees, and of course relieving the financial worries of your family associated with paying for a funeral.

We, at the Harbourview Funeral Centre, are please to be able to offer a wide variety of Funeral Services. Ranging from the simplest of cremation services to an elaborate traditional funeral service and anything in between. The choice is yours to make and we will endeavor to tailor these services to any of your wants and needs.


Any of the services that are offered can be personalized to the specific wants and needs of each individual family. For example extra limousines, video tributes, special food requests for the reception, special music or hymns, or the inclusion of various legions and organizations into the funeral services. In addition if a family wishes not to have some of the services such as the use of a limousine or does not wish to have a reception these items are simply removed from the total cost.

When meeting with the Funeral Director the families are explained all of the associated costs whether funeral home charges or disbursements and instructed as to the best course of action.

Please feel free to call and arrange an appointment with one of our Funeral Directors and we can discuss any of these items with you in greater detail.

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